How To Build An Online Shopping App Like 999


999 the game-changer of online shopping apps


Technology is rising day by day with the latest trends and possibilities. Everything is now at the fingertip of everyone all became very easy with time. Smart devices are being used by a large number of individuals and it enhanced the opportunities in digital media. Online shopping applications can make ease all your shopping needs. To build a desired and effective shopping app you must need the best mobile application development company. Gedexo Technologies is one of the finest android & ios development companies in Calicut delivering the most-sufficient mobile applications at the finest quality and reasonable prices. Being the best app development company in Calicut, Kerala it is our duty to provide the best services for our customers.




The mobile application 999 is built with the motto of delivering the best choices for the public at affordable prices and maximum quality. The application was made more user-friendly and user-engaging. 999 is the best online shopping platform with various high-grade products at Rs.999 and beneath. The app provides a wide range of products provides numerous choices for the users. As Gedexo remains the best app development company in Calicut, huge responsibility falls on us to deliver the best grade application for the customer.


Building the online shopping app


Technology:- While building a mobile application we must decide the technology we choose, that is the framework, language and type of application. The 999 online fashion is a hybrid application developed in the flutter framework using dart language.


Platform:- Mobile applications can operate in various platforms depending upon the operating system in which they perform. 999 is made to function in both android and ios.


Planning:- Once the technology and platform are selected then comes the important stage of planning. In this section, the developer should form an exact layout of the application and mould the structure of the application. The apt server is also a necessity for the finest app development. 


UI Design:- To make the application more user-attractive and engaging the app should possess an attractive user interface design. The creativity and talent of the developer reflect in every application he/she develops.


Adding feature:- The best user interface design will give life to the application and if it needs to be sustained the app should possess all the features required by the customer. In this phase, all features needed are added to the application making it ready to go.


Testing:- After successfully adding all the features and completing development works, then it is time to test the application. Here it is to make sure that the application works flawlessly and effectively.


Launching:- After confirming that the application is running flawlessly then it’s time to publish the application on the play store and AppStore for both android and ios.


Features of 999

100% original and quality products

Exclusive offers and deals for selected products

A broad range of products 

Convenient shopping procedures

Inviting price ranges with the highest price 999

The recent style and trend

Straightforward tracking

Hassle-free return and replacements

Comfortable mode of payments- Debit card, Credit card, Cash on delivery, net banking and UPI.

Quick delivery


Developing an online shopping application is a difficult job and needs an expert developer. Gedexo is one of the best app development companies in Calicut delivering fruitful apps with exceptional quality. The services are highly cost-efficient and promise superior quality. Earn your best benefits with add on advantages from gedexo for any service you need.


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