App Development Team: Tips, Structure, and Roles


In a world with more than 5 billion smartphone users, the growth in mobile applications is growing even faster. There are 2.1 million Android and 2 million iOS apps worldwide today. It's becoming more and more built-up every day.


We have a lot of different uses for mobile apps. Therefore, we can expect more income and better opportunities in the future. According to the latest figures from Statista, revenue from mobile apps is expected to reach $ 365 billion by 2023.


So it's not surprising that mobile app developers are needed everywhere. We look forward to seeing many more mobile app development trends in the future, such as integration with cloud-based computing services, machine learning, AI, chatbots, 5G technologies, blockchain, and more.


In this world of technologically advanced app developments, it's essential to develop a great mobile app development team. For example, you can not launch your apps without a professional team, just as a good striker cannot lead his team to success alone. But who exactly is developing a professional mobile application?




Every mobile application development team should have an application manager, an experienced designer and developers with them from start to finish. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use in your software development team. Other requirements for app development may include the assistance of software architects, QA engineers, business analytics, and a product manager.


– Project Manager


A project manager, however, has the primary responsibility of managing budget, time and quality, and overseeing a project from start to finish.

They provide time limits for a project and the responsibilities of its members.

They tie the team together like pearls in a necklace and make sure that the communication between the team members goes smoothly.


The project manager is the client's primary contact point on a project. Therefore, they need to pay attention to the many risks and problems involved in this process, and the project manager's input on marketing, planning and customer service is invaluable.


Skills needed
  • The ability to communicate effectively, think critically, manage time, work in teams, be creative, and be diplomatic.
  • The project manager should be familiar with project management methodologies, such as Waterfall and Agile with Scrum or Kanban frameworks.
  • Working knowledge of project management tools such as TeamGantt, Asana, and Confluence.
– Product Manager


It is a common misconception that project managers and product managers are one and the same person.


Although project management is a time-consuming task in a project that ends with the development of the app or its publication, there is no such limit to product management. Product managers always have a consistent job to do after creating a product and presenting its value to its users once it has been created.


A product manager is a technician who tests the functionality of the app concept you have developed. They collect data about the competitiveness of the new app in the market, its features and its benefits. All this data adds weight to the development of that app. They analyze the market and identify the users' intentions for that particular application. In addition, the job of the product manager is to compile a business plan for the app development.


In some companies and in certain special cases, we may see a person named Project Manager performing both the responsibilities of the project and the product manager. However, it is better to divide the work into two for more elaborate features, scopes, and more complex projects.


Skills needed
  • Hard and soft skills are more or less the same as those of the project manager 
  • Experience working with survey tool SurveyMonkey as well as analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Firebase.
– Designer


Designers are, to a certain extent, responsible for what UI / UX do or their product concept and presentation often referred to as UI / UX experts. Through it, they have a superior user interface and determine the look and feel of its design as well as its usability. They create prototypes of an application that are important and make changes to the app based on user feedback and the app's rest.


In addition, designers play a role in the branding of software. They mainly create features like logos, marketing elements and websites in the mobile app.



Skills needed
  • UI/UX design expertise using Figma, InVision, and Sketch. 
  • Know how to conduct UX research, wireframe, write UX pages, and create interaction designs. 
  • Working in tandem with developers, they should have experience with coding.


– Developers 


The developers are involved in programming; they devise the technical infrastructure of the app. Developers write code and integrate data from external sources. The number of developers in a team is dependent on the type of project. 


Programming and database management, however, are handled by mobile iOS, Android, or cross-platform experts and back-end developers. 


Android and iOS developers: Both operating systems use different programming languages, which explains why you need different teams of developers for each. It is also possible to develop your app for either platform. You will receive the technical expertise required for both platforms from these developers. The company converts ideas into high-quality code, creates high-performance code, and provides the best quality mobile applications. 


A backend developer is responsible for managing server functionality, cloud storage, and logic. Data is stored, secured, and displayed. The developers use APIs across devices and build operational logic and frameworks for the app's technical architecture. 


Skills needed 
  •  Developer: Objective C and Swift skills are required for iOS app development, as well as knowledge of Xcode and the ability to develop apps for older generations of iOS and iPad.
  • Developers need to be familiar with Kotlin and Java, have experience with Android Studio and know how to develop apps for various Android versions, devices, and screen sizes.
  • Programmers with experience with various programming languages such as Java, PHP, .Net, Python, Ruby, etc. are needed for backend development. They should also be familiar with code versioning tools such as Git. 
– Quality Assurance Engineer 


A quality assurance engineer ensures the quality of the final product. Testers and engineers collaborate to ensure the application meets all initial functional and non-functional requirements. They make sure that all the bugs in the app are fixed before the app is completed and released.


Skills needed
  • Gain world-class expertise in QA testing tools such as TestComplete, Robotium and Selenium
  • As well as their familiarity with the feature and bug tracking system in the best applications like Gira. 


What Are the Best Ways to Hire the Right Specialists?


As everyone knows, the mobile app sector is growing significantly in this world, so the need for skilled IT specialists is increasing as the mobile app grows. However, the availability of such specialists is limited in this area.


It is safe to say that there are not enough experts to meet our many needs. Therefore, it is very difficult to hire a good mobile app development team. Here are the different options for hiring a good app product team:


In-House Team


Your in-house team includes experts who work with you in your office and work with you full time as part of your team. This works well with you in the long run and allows you to develop the app and manage the project, especially if you have several projects in the pipeline.


This will allow you to recruit team members on your own and gain complete control over the staff. However, in the process, you may need additional staff or third-party HR, project manager, or recruitment services to put it all together. This will ensure that you provide the team with the right working environment and technical facilities.





You can hire freelancers to get your work done comfortably online, especially now that the remote working trend is on the rise. A lot of names are flowing into it. Therefore, it is best for them to hire freelancers for one-time projects that require highly specialized staff to facilitate their projects.


You can hire high professionals from there or anywhere in the world, so hiring freelancers saves resources, and you do not need an office or a lot of staff to manage that team. There are numerous tools on the market for efficient and transparent remote operation.


Dedicated Team


Additionally, you can work with remote service providers like Greelow and hire the necessary specialists. A project manager supervises designers, developers, and quality assurance experts. We are able to provide technological solutions with Greelow's remote team of senior experts. 


This appears to be a very viable option in terms of return on investment and efficiency in the long run. Your project manager will coordinate a handpicked team with the necessary skills and experience. Long-term projects and complex product development are best handled by a dedicated team.



Outstaffing and Outsourcing 


You can also outsource mobile app development for professional results. By hiring the lacking skilled specialists from remotely-located software houses, you can assess your team's existing skills and augment them as needed. 


By hiring specialists, third-party development companies allow you to access the needed experience. Outstaffing is a form of remote employment in which third-party employees become part of your team and perform tasks on your behalf. Greelow is able to provide augmentation services for your staff thanks to having the top 2% of the best developers in Latin America.


Alternatively, you can use a third-party development company such as Greelow to handle your company's entire project. As a result of entrusting the project to another company, you're letting them deliver end-to-end solutions according to the specifications you provided. Third-party companies are now responsible for producing a high-quality final product.

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