No Smoking Day March 9- Say No To Drugs


Smoking! We all have been hearing about smoking and no smoking campaigns for a long period. Does anybody notice that the campaigns never end those who smoke keeps on smoking? Then what’s the point in having a special day for obstructing smokers? We certainly can’t make this a smoke free world, but we can reduce the number of smokers. There are hundreds of cigarette companies and tobacco making companies in the world. Even though they are all aware of the after-effects of smoking people still invest money in making and using cigarettes. They never stop manufacturing and the government will never make it illegal because they both benefit from it.


Are you a smoker?


Smoking never makes anyone a bad person but a person with bad habits. Smoking becomes a bad habit by its after-effects caused to the person and persons surrounded by him. Think about how many cigarettes you smoke a day and the money you spend on it. It is sure that the amount will be a huge one if we are taking an annual account. The major follow-ups caused by smoking are,



No doubt death will welcome a smoker sooner than normal humans. Smokers are like buying a costly biting dog. For the pleasure of a few seconds, a major part of life has to be sacrificed and ultimately death. Death is uninvited, but smokers are paying taxes for getting early death.


Chronic and life-threatening diseases

cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis are the major listed diseases caused by smoking. In addition, it also elevates the risk for tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and problems with the immune system, including rheumatoid arthritis.


Savings in a torn pocket

There is a wide collection of cigarettes at different price ranges. If you take an annual calculation of the number of cigarettes you smoked and their price it is clear that amount is gonna shock you to death. Every time you smoke you are unnecessarily spending your savings and future security.


Passive diseases to the close ones

If you are a smoker you are killing yourself and your close ones slowly. The passive effect of smoking habits will cause difficulty for them.


Rest your rest in bed

No one wishes to rest the rest of their life in bed, smokers have a high risk of being in bed. Don’t let you and your loved ones suffer from your smoking mania.


What do we do to smokers?


First of all, they are like all humans with bad habits. Many of them are trapped in the addiction to tobacco. Guide those who need help in their recovery. Don’t judge anyone by their habit and try to recover them with your love & care. Motivate them to quit their habits and pursue a healthy life. Don't let the future burn in your fingertips.


No more smoke to ruin your healthy lungs. As a digital marketing company in Calicut, it is our duty to spread digital awareness to the young generations of our nation to say no to drugs. Think before you light a cigarette you are blowing your family’s lights off.