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If you want to stand out from the competition and achieve quality results then you are at the right destination which is a full swing branding agency in Calicut, Kerala. Gedexo is an exceptional branding agency established in Calicut-Kerala with clients from 10+ countries. A branding agency can formulate effective digital transmissions so that potential customers understand the significance of a business. Graphic design is the most convenient technique to attract and interact with customers.




We propose all sorts of branding services from logo design, business cards, and letterhead, to brochures and catalogues. Our trustworthy brand experts are conscious of the purposeful use of images, illustrations, and patterns to sell ideas, products, and services. We have been operating with more than 150 companies from 10+ countries in their brand construction and providing them significant graphical representations to sell their products. Branding agency benefits from Gedexo always striving to craft designs that fetch quality results to clients. Thus, we turned out to be the most counted branding agency in Calicut-Kerala. We concentrate on the logic of portraying elements in interactive designs to deliver a better and efficient user experience. The skilled experts of the company are constantly curious about creating beneficial and winning content.


Branding services

The process of giving a definition to a specific organization, company, products or services by making and shaping the brands of various customers is termed Branding. A branding agency is a company that have specific talented individuals to create and launch the brands and rebranding. The dedicated experts providing the branding services ensure to create, plan, measure and control branding strategies for clients. This service also includes the support provided in advertising and other forms of promotion.



As the most pleasing branding agency in Kerala, our peerless technical proficiency and aesthetic understanding benefit our clients in converting leads at a higher rate when compared to other competitors. We are capable of managing an incredibly wide range of branding services like print and Web creative assignments. We supply peerless services for every customer who approaches us and now we have many happy pleased customers. The best assistance for everyone at an inexpensive price range is our motto.


All your branding services one best solution: Gedexo 


In order to survive your brand or product in this highly competitive business world, proper strategies for your branding is necessary. We possess talented technical experts who strive to elevate your company or brand status. As a leading branding service provider in Calicut, we always make sure to meet customer expectations. In order to deliver productive output to the user, we always determine your target audience, position your product and business, define your company personality and also choose the logo and slogan.




  • Talented graphic designers
  • Buyer pleasing & unique design
  • Visual impact oriented structure
  • Food packaging, fashion labeling or product packaging service
  • Custom color patterns
  • 24x7 customer support
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