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An effectual packaging design can be a wonderful marketing tool for a brand, which can ultimately result in pursuing people to purchase the product. Gedexo is the most promising package and labels design company effectively running in Calicut-Kerala. Uniqueness and creativity are reminisced in all our works and is achieved with the help of our highly qualified crew.




We help our clients with impressive and unique package designs. We craft any packaging and label design with prior importance to the user experience. Our creative designers create attractive designs that eventually helps our clients to sell their benefits and persuade people to purchase. We are Kerala’s best package designers agency and our designs always result in providing an outshining brand identity to our clients in the competition. We have experienced and skilled designers who can craft eye-catching retail packaging designs that are highly appealing. We design for every material and container, including boxes, cans, bottles, and other forms of containers. We are located in Calicut but our services are expanded all across the globe. Our skilled designers always listen and understand customer requirements and produce beneficial outcomes.


Package Design and Label Design


In order to create an attractive package design, a proper selection of the shape, layout, materials, colour and imagery is necessary and it will make the product suitable for marketing. There is a wide range of different products lining the shelves of every supermarket nowadays. Product packaging design is considered as the creation of the exterior of a product. The creation of the package design requires considerations of various aspects such as selection of materials, shape, colours, graphics, fonts that are used on wrapping the product container. The package design is the important factor that is also the first touchpoint of your product or brand with the customer. Even though its primary objective is to protect the product it can also enhance the marketing of the product.

While creating a label design it is important to make sure that the type is indisputably understandable through font colour and size. On various colours, bright colours are believed to be exemplary favourites styles because they are thought to attract and pursue customers to buy the product. The most suitable colours, fonts and other designing elements can be chosen according to the kind of product and its existing visual brand style.


For creating the finest packaging design or label design, the design should possess uniqueness and visual attractiveness. The design must offer something unique and amazing to truly appeal to customers. The appealing designs should catch its attention from the shelf itself and once the design draws the customer in, the product needs to hold their interest by providing a higher quality product.



Our professional package designers maintain an appropriate balance between elements for an outstanding package and label design that stands out. Start with Gedexo to create an amazing package and label design for your brand. We are delivering quality outputs and remains the topmost package and label designers in Calicut, Kerala with hands-on 150+ brands. We present branding packages that are highly cost-effective and best result driving. We differ from other known companies by our keen observation and dedication towards the work. The projects we produce is unique and beneficial with the latest trending designs.


Creating the most adorable and attention-catching package and label  design



The purpose of package design or label design is to catch the attention of the customer and pursue them in buying the product. In order to make the product attractive enough to encourage the customer to buy the product, it should have the most attractive and catchy designs. Gedexo has been providing excellent designs on packages and labels with the help of creative and talented designers. There are some of our tips shared that helped us in reaching the number one position in package design and label design in Calicut.

  • Use the finest viable tools
  • Enclose the most Vital Information
  • An idea about the product packaging & containers
  • Use a uniform brand logo
  • Make It precise and legible
  • Use a stylish blend of fonts
  • Leave enough vacant space if needed
  • Add at least one ornamental element.

  • Talented graphic designers
  • Buyer pleasing & unique design
  • Visual impact oriented structure
  • Food packaging, fashion labeling or product packaging service
  • Custom color patterns
  • 24x7 customer support
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