Celebrating­ 76th­ Republic­ Day­ Of­ India

Posted By: Ajith Menon

Published Date: March 20, 2023


Happy republic to all Indians, let’s celebrate this day in the memory of the heroes of our nation and for the people of the nation. We would like to remember the words of Dr B R Ambedkar on this joyful day of our nation,

“We are Indians firstly and lastly “

-Dr BR Ambedkar-

As Indians, we all should carry these words in our hearts and treat our nation like our homes. This 26th January 2022 is the proud day for all Indians as we all are celebrating the 73rd Republic Day of our nation. On 15th August 1947, under the leader of our warrior of the nation Mahatma Gandhi we accomplished our freedom from the British Government. After independence, the public ensured that the new government of India doesn’t limit our freedom and rights by forming a democratic republic. Democracy is the system of government that provides the authority to elect the leader of the public by the public and a republic is a system in which the leader is not a monarch. The combination of democracy and republic forms the democratic republic. The democratic republic protects the rights and freedom of the public through a rule book called “Constitution of India” written by Dr Ambedkar. This book defines the powers possessed by the government and the rights and freedom of Indian citizens. The constitution of India came into force on 26th January 1950 and the day has been celebrated as the democratic republic day of India.

We have to carry the spirit and emotion behind this day to celebrate the day to its fill. As proud Indians, it is our duty to form the nation to its best. Enjoy your freedom and rights, but also respect the countless sacrifices made by our heroes of the nation. let us free our minds from deleterious thoughts and work together for the development and pride of our nation.

Gedexo Technologies took the initiative to celebrate this day in memory of the heroes of our nation. We are united to cherish the day by spreading our love and dedication to our nation. On this republic day, we are pledged to deliver the best designs and development of mobile apps and websites for the growth of our clients, thus achieving the growth of the nation. Let’s unite and work on the growth of our mother nation, India.