Celebrating The Festival Of Colours

Posted By: David M

Published Date: March 20, 2023


Holi- The festival of colours is celebrated to welcome the arrival of spring. At the end of winter, Holi is celebrated for the blossom of love to play and laugh, forget and forgive and repair broken relationships.  The festival also marks the beginning of a good spring harvest season.

We celebrate this day by splashing colours to our loved ones and sharing love & joy. Colours flew in the air on this special day to light colours in the life of many. The bday is celebrated by wearing a white dress and at the end of the day, the white will be coloured with different colours. The colours on this day denote the upcoming joy and prosperity in your life.  18th March 2022 is celebrated as the holi to cherish joy and love with our dear ones. Get some colours and spread colours to the lives of many.

As a leading web design and development company in Calicut, we share our love and joy with our dear customers & colleagues on this festival day of colours. Make this festival of colours into a colourful day in your life.