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Published Date: March 20, 2023


The world is full of diversities in every aspect. In this world of diversity, we are all hoping for a peaceful and harmony in life. From our birth to death, we are exploring every possibility to find happiness. Everything we do and are about to do is for our happiness and the happiness of the ones around us. Because happiness is the key to opening the boundaries of opportunities and glory.

Happiness is a boomerang that eventually comes back to you on sharing. The more happiness you can get is only by sharing happiness. The joy and smile that we see on the faces of our loved ones are the perfect gifts that we can buy for ourselves. If everyone in every corner of the world starts sharing happiness, we can build heaven in this heavenful earth itself. What we are offered in heaven after death is a mystery that we have been told by ancients. Why do we desire heaven more after death? while we can together craft much more beautiful heaven on this beautiful earth.

The more you give happiness the more you will get back in return. But always remember not to share happiness for getting it back. If you truly share the moment, the moment will roll back to you at the apt time. One day you will get the best results for your actions of today. As a leading web development company in Calicut, we seek to see the smiling faces of our customers. For the happiness of our customers, we deliver the most efficient services for them. Ultimately we all live for happiness, the more you give the more you get.

15 - Best Services Offered by Gedexo Technologies

Gedexo Technologies LLP is one of the leading web development and mobile app development companies in Calicut, Kerala. The company delivers exceptional services over various digital media requirements. The expertise of this web development company ranges to a great extent to maintain a leading position among competitors. Gedexo Technologies LLP is blessed with a dedicated team of a skilled professional who works behind the success of the company. The various services offered by this leading mobile app development company are listed below.



A website is said to be the collection of web pages and contents that is defined by a standard domain name and publicised on at least one web browser. Creating a website can range from building a simple textual webpage to developing a complex web application. As per the features of a website, it can be either a static or interactive website. A web application is an application program that resides on remote servers and is shown to the user's device over the Internet. Creativity, attention to detail, communication skills, problem-solving skills, the ability to exemplify technical concerns clearly and a capability to import a logical strategy to work are the major skills required in developing a web app.  


Mobile application development is the set of plans and practices along with scripting software for remote, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and other hand-held devices. Mobile applications are mostly developed to perform in Android and iOS operating systems. With keen dedication, hard work and maintaining trustworthy customer relationships made Gedexo Technologies into a leading mobile app development company in Calicut, Kerala. Gedexo gained glory with the helping hands of our vibrant developers who are dedicated to delivering the best innovative mobile application. We aim to deliver strong built mobile apps with superior quality, unique content and design.


User interface (UI) designs are designed by a professional user interface designer who is the master brain behind framing the look of a website or app. In user interfaces, the aesthetic components of the user interface are used to interact with a website, web app or mobile apps, such as buttons, icons, menu bars, typography and colours. The beauty and simplicity of the design will generate a more satisfying experience for the users. User experience is the procedure of creating products that deliver influential and appropriate experiences to users by the designers. A design entails all aspects related to formulating and incorporating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function. 



SEO or Search Engine Optimization is employed to optimize a website's technological composition, content pertinence and link vogue so its pages can become easily findable. Using more relevant and popular keywords related to the search queries generated by the user can help your website to rank higher on search engines. The search engine optimization strategies are deployed according to the generally used search engines. The most popular seven search engines presently available are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask.com and Duckduckgo. Among these search engines, Google is the most commonly used search engine. As a leading web development company in Calicut, Kerala, Gedexo make use of proficient strategies to rank your website higher in search engines.


In order to create an appealing package design, you must choose the right shape, layout, materials, colour, and imagery. This will make the product more marketable. Product packaging design is regarded as the exterior covering of a product. The process of package design demands concerns of different elements such as picking materials, shape, colours, graphics, and fonts that are utilised in wrapping the product container. When designing a label, it is very significant to ensure that the type is clearly readable by means of font colour and size. In terms of various colours, bright colours are thought to be consumers' favourites because they are thought to attract and compel them to purchase products.  Design should catch the customer's attention from the shelf itself and once the design draws the customer in, the product should hold their interest by providing higher quality performance. Gedexo is one of the leading package designing companies in Calicut that delivers unique and eye-catching package & label designs.


The process of giving a definition to a specific organization, company, product or service by making and shaping the brands of various customers is termed Branding. A branding agency should enclose precise proficient individuals to create and launch the brands or rebranding. The dedicated professionals furnishing the branding services assure to create, plan, measure and control branding techniques for clients. This service also incorporates the support delivered in advertising and other structures of promotion. Gedexo remains at the top of branding service providers in Calicut, by the keen dedication and effective strategies put forward by the company.