Developing Mobile Apps Using FLUTTER

Posted By: Bill Gates

Published Date: March 20, 2023


A mobile application can be developed using various modern mobile application development frameworks. Selecting the best framework will enhance the outlook and performance of your mobile application. By considering the working of applications on different smartphones, mobile apps can be categorised into three:-

1: Native Apps:- Apps that are designed to perform in specific operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows. The features of devices such as RAM, camera, GPS and so are made use by these apps.


2: Web Apps:- This software is kept in an outlying location and dispersed via the Web utilising a browser interface. Major examples include Emails, online shopping sales, weblogs, instant messaging apps, auction sites and so on.

3: Hybrid Apps:- These applications are installed in the same way all other application is but, hybrid apps integrate attributes from native apps and with components from web apps.

Building Apps With Flutter

Flutter is an open-source and free framework developed and created by GOOGLE that alloys you to construct mobile applications for both android and ios. Flutter is an innovative SDK (Software Development Kit) for the development of cross-platform applications and is excellent for creating two-dimensional mobile apps. This framework accelerates the development process and helps in creating attractive and effective mobile applications. Flutter is a complete and accurate framework that possesses widgets, a rendering engine, debugging and blending APIs, and resources to help developers in building and deploying stunning mobile applications.


Benefits Of Developing With Flutter 


Open-source framework

Faster development

Engaging and appealing visuals 

Higher performance

Ease in updations

Convenient programming language

Works with a single codebase


User-friendy and expressive user interface

Customizable widgets

Fast time to market


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