Gedexo Technologies Onam Celebration 2023: A Day of Joy, Unity, and Traditions

Posted By: Mubashir PN

Published Date: Aug. 26, 2023


Gedexo Technologies welcomed the vibrant spirit of Kerala's harvest festival, Onam, on the 26th of August 2023, in a spectacular celebration that showcased our rich cultural heritage and company unity. This remarkable event featured traditional games, a delectable feast, and a captivating flower show, creating a memorable day for all.

All Gedexo employees embraced the spirit of Onam by dressing in traditional attire, enhancing the festive atmosphere. Laughter and cheers filled the air as we enjoyed classic Onam games. The highlight of the day was the Onam Sadhya, a grand feast served on banana leaves. The mouthwatering aromas of sambar, avial, and payasam took us on a culinary journey through Kerala, tantalizing our taste buds.

What made this celebration truly special was the wholehearted participation of our Gedexo family. Regardless of roles or hierarchies, colleagues came together to revel in the festivities.

In conclusion, Gedexo Technologies' Onam celebration 2023 was a splendid day filled with joy, traditional games, delicious food, and a strong sense of unity. We eagerly anticipate more such events that bring us closer and celebrate India's rich traditions. Happy Onam!