Gedexo's Weekly Family Meeting (OCT - 24): Where Fun and Learning Converge

Posted By: Muhsin PK (DM HOD)

Published Date: Oct. 24, 2023


Welcome to Gedexo Technologies' vibrant and lively family meetings, where we gather every Monday (or sometimes on a Tuesday when urgent matters arise) to connect, share, and grow as a team. Picture this: our hall transformed into a square of chairs, bringing us all face to face. It's the perfect setup for fostering a sense of togetherness.

Our HR manager kicks things off with a warm welcome, setting the stage for an engaging and enlightening session. One of the unique segments is when two of our employees take the spotlight, with the mission of conquering stage fright and building their confidence. This week, we were fortunate to have Nabaha and Sharfeena on the stage.

Nabaha took the floor, eloquently discussing the significance of upskilling and the importance of continuously refining our skills in the dynamic digital world. She left us all inspired to keep learning and growing in our professional lives.

Sharfeena then took the stage, passionately advocating for independence, particularly when it comes to life decisions, a message that resonated deeply, especially with the women in the room. Her words left us empowered and motivated to take control of our destinies.

Looking ahead to next week, we've selected Rasana and Shabeeb to share their insights with us. And guess what? Nabaha and Sharfeena will be back to provide guidance, ensuring that everyone shines on that stage.

During our meeting, we also had the pleasure of welcoming Banu, our newest front-end developer. She introduced herself, and we asked questions to get to know her better. It's all about building connections and making newcomers feel like part of the Gedexo family.

Of course, no Gedexo meeting is complete without a word from our CEO, who's not just a leader but also a source of inspiration. He shared invaluable insights about team spirit, personal and professional growth, and the importance of organizing our daily activities effectively. His advice on dreaming big, learning, and evolving really hit home.

But here's the twist - the CEO added a bit of fun to the mix. He encouraged us to stand up and sit down quickly, offering a refreshing break and some exercise for everyone. It was a light-hearted moment, and it's always enjoyable to see our CEO's playful side, especially when he pokes fun at his reluctance to use a microphone. But hey, that's part of what makes Gedexo special - we don't take ourselves too seriously.

So, there you have it, a snapshot of our Gedexo family meeting, where work meets fun, and where we're committed to learning, growing, and having a good time along the way. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Gedexo Technologies. We're not just conquering the digital world; we're making the journey enjoyable every step of the way.