Group Of Companies From Gedexo

Posted By: varun menon

Published Date: March 20, 2023


Introducing the group of companies from Gedexo Technologies LLP

Gedexo Technologies is the leading website designing and mobile application development company in Calicut, Kerala. The company came into existence in 2018 and has been serving excellent services to customers. The area of services of this leading website designer of Calicut is spread into various corners of the world. Dedication and maintaining quality in every project push the company into the leading position among other web designing companies in Calicut.

 The company has expanded into the Gedexo group of companies comprised of 7 companies including gedexo technologies.  

  1. Club 99

Club99 is a coffee shop that delivers the finest coffee and is an excellent spot to relish the coffee. This coffee shop aims to deliver the best coffee by using the highest quality green coffee beans. The beans are roasted in perfect proportion by professional roasters. The high-grade savours are mixed in the appropriate ratio and made with love and care by experts to serve the cup of joy. Club 99 provides the perfect chill-out space to get lost.

  1. 999

999 is a trend maker in the fashion world. The complete assistance in fashion and availability of the latest trends is the major attraction of 999. 999 put forward a new concept of delivering products at the rate of 999 and below. The style that you create for yourself is your fashion and 999 aims to bring your fashion into action. 999 consists of fashion supplements like men's, women and children's clothes, footwear, wallets, watches and cosmetics.

  1. Gadlix

Gadlix is an advertising company that has been serving exceptional customer service. Advertising is the most suitable method to reach your product or business to the public. The expected target audiences of your company can be boosted by implementing proper advertising strategies. Gadlix consists of talented professionals who are dedicated to delivering the most quality services for customers. The area of services of Gadlix are:-

Airport Advertising

Billboard Advertising

Bus Advertising

Rail And Train Platform Advertising

Street Furniture Advertising

Mall Advertising

Video Wall Advertising

Theatre Advertising

Name Board


  1. Flylix

Flylix is an ingenious technology development company founded by KC Musthafa to unlock the porticoes of opportunities in the world of technology. Technology is developing faster every day, necessity makes inventions. Vision about the future and the learning of possibilities in technology can carry your dreams into action. Flylix aims to develop the future of electronic cars with more special features and upgraded technologies.

  1. Bixgi PR And Events

Bixgi is a pack of young talented businessmen who are favourably encouraged to examine existing business strategies as well as bring in resolutions to help each other in a business environment. The company also execute excellent implementations in event management with more care and dedication.

  1. Oxdu Tech school

Oxdu Tech school is a leading Software and Technology training institute in Calicut, Kerala. The establishment introduces new approaches for educating students to support them in getting a whole concept about the subject and to conceive outstanding dexterities in the area of their expertise. The educational accomplishments of a student are confirmed by professional and devoted mentors. The limited admission method of the institution sweetens the assistance delivered to each student. Various courses that are offered by oxdu tech school are:-

Web Design And Development

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML) Basics

Fullstack Development

Graphic Designing

Mobile Application Development(Android & iOS)