How To Create A Unique Logo Design

Posted By: varun menon

Published Date: March 20, 2023


A logo is considered the unique identity of your company or brand. With a unique logo, the public can identify your company or brand easily and it will help them to remember you for a long period. A logo can be a simple symbol or letter or art or word according to the preference of the customer. Whatever the type of logo you are about to make always remember to consider your area of expertise and the nature of the company or brand. The logo can be classified into seven categories:-

Emblems (Simple symbols)

Pictorial Prints (Simple pictorial representations)

Letter Prints (Simple letter representations)

Abstract Logos (Abstract designs)

Mascot Logos (Illustrated representations)

Combination Logos (Combination with other categories)

A logo can be made according to any of these categories or according to your unique concepts. Always be sure to create your identity from the logo you developed. If you are looking for the best logo designing company in Calicut, Gedexo Technologies is the best choice available. The strategies put forward by us in creating a logo for your company are,

Understanding the company or brand

The first step in making an effective and unique logo is to comprehend the nature of the company or brand. The more information you have more perfection and professionalism will reflect in the logo.

Requirements and expectations of the client

Every customer has their own requirements and expectations. Our enthusiast designers are dedicated to comprehending the customer's requirements and requirements.

Comprehending the concept of the logo you are making

Analyse the company and the requirements of the customer. Prepare a unique concept according to the nature of the company and plan the design of the logo.

Adding concept ideas from our side

As an experienced logo designer in Calicut, we can assist you with some suggestions and corrections. WIth a proper interaction with the company and customer, a perfect logo can be developed.

Selecting the proper colours for the logo

Select the aptest colours for your logo. Consider the nature of your company to select the apt colours that match your attributes. If words or letters are being used in the logo, be sure to use a matching and meaningful font for the logo.

Designing the logo

Design the logo according to the conclusion and concept you evoked.

Editing according to client requirements 

Further editing needs to be done according to the requirements and conditions provided by the customer.

Presenting completed logo book

The logo is delivered in a professional manner by explaining the concepts, colour selection, font selection and how the logo can be used in various sections.

Your company or brand need a most user catching logo to persist in the world of competition. As a leading website and logo designing company in Calicut, we are dedicated to delivering the best and most unique logo for you to shine out from competitors.