How­ to­ find­ Appropriate­ Keywords­ For­ SEO­

Posted By: Ashna

Published Date: Sept. 5, 2023


Finding The Most Suitable Keywords For SEO

In order to find the perfect keyword for search engine optimization, you must have a proper idea about the process and methodologies of SEO. In simpler words, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the procedure of forming websites better for search engines. The traffic created on a website defines its ranking of the website. SEO is used to improve the quantity and quality of website traffic to a website from search engines. The search engine can be described as a software system that is designed to perform web searches. There are various types of search engines present in the modern world. Among them, Google is the most used search engine by people from all over the world. As Google is the most used search engine, search engine optimization procedures are carried out to rank websites on this particular search engine. The google search engine uses three steps to rank your websites.

Crawl  - Analyses web pages and their contents.

Index  - The web page is indexed after the crawling process

Rank  - The order in which the indexed results appear

Getting into SEO

Before getting into the part of ranking your website using SEO, you must be aware of your website and its particulars. Understanding your website and business is the first step of SEO. You should have a clear idea about the procedures you undertake to rank your website. Your ultimate aim in doing SEO is to rank your website on the top list of google. The contents of your website should be analysed by the Google crawler or Google bot before accomplishing SEO.

Finding Keywords

Keywords are the most important factor in search engine optimization and ranking your website. A keyword is the search word or search query written by the user in a search engine. You should find the most suitable keyword that suits your business and website. 

For example, consider you are having a web design company in Calicut. As you are a web designing company in Calicut, your keywords may include “ web design”, “company” and “design”. These words are your basic keywords. Consider you are looking for a web design service in Calicut. You may enter “best web design company in Calicut”, looking for the best service. Thus “best” can also be included in your keywords. Adding digits and years in the keywords will enhance your chances of ranking your website on Google.


No 1 Web design company in Calicut

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#1 web design company in Calicut

 To find more related keywords you can use tools available online. There are several tools such as Google keyword planner, ubersuggest and so on for finding the best keywords for your website. While picking keywords for your website always remember to choose the keywords with the most search volume and least SEO difficulty. The more the search volume means that your targeted keywords are being searched by many users over time. SEO difficulty defines your chances of ranking your websites. With the highest SEO difficulty, there are lesser chances for you to rank your websites.

Using keywords effectively 

Keywords are an important factor in SEO, but you have to be careful while using the keywords. Even though you want to rank your website, you should never use keywords too much in your websites. Imagine that your keyword is “best web designing company in Calicut”, using this keyword in every content without considering the required content will adversely affect your website. While trying to rank your website also think about the quality of the content. Use the keywords wisely without altering the flow of the reader. Overflow of keywords will produce serious degradation to your websites. Choose popular, rankable and relevant keywords for the best performance.