How­ To­ Use­ Google­ Keyword­ Planner

Posted By: Nayana

Published Date: March 20, 2023


The process of search engine optimization starts with finding the most perfect keyword for your website. The best keyword is found by evaluating the characteristics of the website and area of business. Google keyword planner is used to generate more related keywords with more search volume.

Getting Started With Google Keyword Planner

The google keyword planner aids you in improving your marketing effort. To make use of this tool from google you need a google account and should sign up with your Google account. Once you completed logging in with your account a window appears on the screen.

Click on the “Get started” and the following window will appear on the screen.

Click on the “Tools and settings”

Click on the “Keyword Planner”

Click on the “Discover new keywords”

This is where we search to find our relevant keywords.

Imagine you are having a website development company in Calicut, your primary keyword will be “best website development company in Calicut”. Enter this keyword and some related keywords like “website design Calicut” & “website development company” in the search area. After entering your keywords click on “Get results”.

This is the search results from Google keyword Planner with the average monthly search and competition(This is the SEO difficulty in ranking your website). The first three are the keywords that we searched and the ones at the bottom are the keyword ideas provided by Google. Analyze the average monthly search and competition of the keywords you provided and the keywords recommended by Google. Your primary keyword “best website development company in Calicut” is having a very limited average monthly search (1-10) and less SEO difficulty. Using a keyword with a very low average search is a risk in building SEO. Meanwhile the keyword ”website development company” is having a broad average search but the difficulty is medium. Even though the difficulty is medium, there is a chance for you to improve with proper SEO procedures. Like this analyze each and every keyword and select your preferred keyword with the best possibilities of ranking.