Logo- Your companies identity

Posted By: varun menon

Published Date: March 20, 2023


A logo is the identity of your company or brand. It is the simplest visual format that enables the public to identify your company on the first look. A logo is created specifically for your business or brand and that will hold the whole status and features of your company



A logo is considered a small design or a symbol or a word written in a special way made used by a specific organization or company to identify its product, brand, or services. The logo of your company is your business because It's ingrained in your products, your business card, website, social media, and most significantly in the minds of your customers.


Gedexo- Creating unique logos

Gedexo technologies have been the best logo designing company in Calicut by our exceptional customer services and unique and attractive logo designs. We have a group of skilled graphic designers who are dedicated to creating adorable logos that satisfy customer expectations. The logos are made by experienced logo designers to make sure the logo is perfect for your business or brand.


Why do you need a logo for your company?

A logo is very much essential for your company, business or brand. The logo is a small symbol that distinguishes you from others and it is your only unique address. A perfect and attractive logo will make your brand memorable for individuals and help to grow your business. Your brand or company can be easily recognised with the help of an attractive logo.


Advantages of logo

The logo is necessary to your company or brand because it conveys ownership, values, and quality. The objective of a logo is to deliver your company's individuality so you can extend your business by grasping new customers with a logo that expresses them. Your business will then maintain clients who rely upon the brand after your logo

captures attention.

creates a powerful first impression

the foundation of your brand individuality


Detaches you from competition

Promotes brand loyalty

Your customers and audience expect a unique logo