Product Package Design Strategies

Posted By: Divya nayar

Published Date: March 20, 2023


  • Choose a clear and simple message 
  • Packaging should be attractive and stand out 
  • Include fun packs in your design 
  • Be aware of future packaging requirements 
  • Make sure you consider the essential functional requirements

The package designs are the visual advertiser of your brand and also cover or act as a container for the product. The shape of the package may vary depending upon the type of product it encloses.

With an attractive package design there rises the chances of getting more public notice for your brand. Some brands manage themselves through the portrayal of their verbally and non-verbally packaging, as well as through their structure and graphics.

There will be a need for resources and financial support to develop an alluring advertisement. Even though you couldn't commit more budget for their further advertising, create unique and eye-catching package designs to enrich your target audiences.

Packaging has become the most effective way to create a powerful meaning for a brand today.  As a result, it is a great ally for businesses without advertising budgets, as well as for those that do. We must pick up products to consume them. It would be a loss to let this magical moment of connection with the brand pass unnoticed.

The following are five strategies for creating value and meaning through packaging design.

1.Choose a clear and simple message

The packaging of a brand often competes against that of another brand on shelves or online, which means getting your message across quickly is critical. Providing too much information on the packaging can be overwhelming, so keep your message short and sweet. In most cases, this message will consist of communicating the product you are selling, your brand name, and possibly a couple of selling points.

2.Packaging should be attractive and stand out

When your packaging design will compete with other brands on shelves or online, it needs to be visually appealing and stand out. It doesn't have to be splashed with bright colours and type. So that your product can stand out on the market, take a look at the other products on the market. Choose unique packaging, present your product in a clever way, use an unusual colour, or create a non-traditional design layout.


Creative design is welcome, but the product should be industry-appropriate and clearly labelled to avoid confusion as to how it should be used. Particularly with chemical products, you do not want someone ingesting your product if it appears similar to other foods or beverages.


3.Include fun packs in your design

If you can put a smile on the design, it will reach a lot more people than previously expected. Engaging in humour is an easy way to get into the buyer’s emotions. Packing is an approach to giving a snapshot when entertainment images, expressions and everyday things can be combined, and viewers will love it if no one presents or surprises them.


  This feature is commonly found on child-centred items, yet the well-packaged images are enjoyed by all ages and all ages alike.

4. Be aware of future packaging requirements

Though you may start out with a single product, it's worth telling your designer to keep this in mind if you think your product line might expand in the future. When you are ready to introduce a new flavour, a new scent, or a new version, the packaging design is easily adapted or extended to accommodate the new product line. 

5. Make sure you consider the essential functional requirements

Before you choose examples and typography it is crucial to make sure that you decide on any basic practical requirements. They should ask themselves.


Try to gather all the necessary data and impressions before starting the plan so that you can understand where you really want to do it.

It is all-important to know all of these

(Are there special circumstances that affect the character of the item? 

Is there too much light in it? Does it need Darkness? 

Does that design have to be waterproof? 

Is it stored in hot or cold conditions? It is ALL important to know all of these.)

These factors are the basic preconditions or 'absolute requirements' that the nature of your item or its size and weight should not be compromised.

 They will affect the materials you use and the general shape and plan of the bundling, so it is fundamental to think before you do everything!


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